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Crisis on infinite Wellses

("infinite" doesn't equal "interchangeable")

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A crow formerly known as Viv (among other things). Used to live on lj.

Preferred pronoun is "ze". Might or might not be asexual (jury's still out on it), definitely not aromantic, absolutely a shipper. (A shipper who is incapable of writing fanfics, alas. I tried, really.) Sex-repulsed/sex-averse folks might choose to either stay away from this blog or proceed with caution.

I collect dolls. Barbies, mostly. There'll be a lot of dolls here, so if you have a phobia of them, be careful. (I promise to tag, but you might see photos before even noticing tags.)

А ещё я периодически пишу по-русски. Because it's my native language. I might write, think and even dream in English half of the time, but it will always be only half of the time.

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